Happy Easter, Peeps


I am grateful this morning that my teenager still likes egg hunts and Easter baskets. She has two friends who are like family here today so I made baskets for them as well. Three fun baskets, with minimal candy. There are Peeps, but they don’t count. Not one of us will eat them, they are more of a running joke. Each basket has a very small chocolate bunny, a couple of small packages of Welch’s fruit snacks and a pack of Hi-chews. The boy gets a small box of Harry Potter Bertie Botts in his. The rest is just fun silly stuff: Lush bath bombs. Lotion and body spray. Stuffed bunnies. Plus a street guide for Eli since she just got her drivers permit and I insist that she learns to read a map and know the layout of the city, not just rely on stupid Google Maps.The guy gets little Lego kits, a Star Wars mini collectible.

No M&Ms. No Hershey’s kisses or mini-candy bars or any loose candy that I will eat mindlessly.

This is the third holiday in a row that I didn’t buy bags of seasonal candy. No Kisses wrapped in Thanksgiving colors. No red and green M&Ms to put out in a little dish, you know, for other people at Christmas. And I’ll give myself a “most improved” award for Halloween because I bought candy that afternoon, ate a few mini bars, tracked the calories, and threw away the leftovers the next morning. That’s right: I didn’t send the extras to the troops, or leave it out for the “Halloween Witch” (apparently she’ll take your candy and leave you cash or gift cards—I admire the mom that thought of this). I didn’t take it to our orthodontist, who weighs your candy and give you so much per pound. Nope.  I just trashed it.

So let’s review: I, who used to steal money from my mother’s purse and walk to the convenience store and buy Hershey’s chocolate bars with almonds and hide them in my sock drawer… I  have limited or eschewed bags of candy holiday after holiday.

I am sure Target, who tracks our purchases in a way that would make the NSA blush, is perplexed: I NEVER roamed those aisles without swinging down candy lane. Putting Hershey’s Kisses (I seem to have had a long, tawdry affair with that brand) in my basket was not just a holiday thing, but a weekly occurrence. I kept them in my desk drawer (see how I matured? Not my sock drawer, my desk drawer!) and never did paperwork without them. Never. I cannot remember the last time I bought them. Ate them. It has been that long.

So when I beat myself up and feel exasperated about my slow progress, I need to remember this. This is a big, big deal for me. It really is an Easter miracle.

Oh, and here is another miracle. The girls found a way to make chocolate cupcakes completely unappealing to me. They made a “unicorn-throwing-up-confetti” cupcake-cake for a birthday we are celebrating today. It is hilarious, it makes me so happy, and will make the recipient howl I am sure, but I’m good with skipping this. Real good.



2 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Peeps

  1. OMG I am dying over the unicorn cake – that is just so spot on for all the memes I’ve seen. Great creativity in those girls!!

    I hear you about the holiday candy…it’s those small changes that do signify a different mindset when it comes to thinking about treats. Great job! Now, I also wish that for every significant change that we do, could come some bonus pounds lost, but I guess the universe hasn’t caught on to that little reward (yet).

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